We welcome you into our family of patients , providing the utmost in attention and services,with one common goal “We Specialize in You”. We strive to provide the highest quality by constantly reviewing emerging health care options, providing a comprehensive approach to prevention and treatment of disease. We aim for the highest standards ,placing our patient’s well being first. Our patients appreciate how involved and genuinely concerned we are for their well being.

Family Medicine and What it means to your Family

We as Osteopathic Family Physicians , hold the following principles as central to our practice of medicine.

  • You the patient are a person who is a unification of body, mind and spirit.
  • Your body, when properly treated and maintained, is capable of self-regulation, self-maintenance and self-healing.

If all parts of your body are functioning optimally you will maintain the highest possible level of health, thus, structure and function of the body are interrelated.

Family Physicians provide disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment strategies to you and your family through all of life’s stages, from infancy to end-of-life.

Family medicine covers the full health spectrum of care. It also includes pediatric adolescents , gynecology, internal medicine, and geriatric care.

Wellness and Prevention Equals Great Health

The physicians at Sierra Rose Family Physicians Medical Group are always available to answer all your questions and provide you with honest answers, after a careful and thoughtful assessment of your needs, and personal history and medical necessity. Doctors Agresti will always strive to provide a comprehensive and innovative approach to your health, to help find the causes of your symptoms and thereby advise a treatment plan.

Doctors Agresti, experienced doctors, and staff guide you seamlessly through the medical maze.

Our Mission as Health Care Providers

Our Mission is Simple, as we apply our experience to our patient centered practice. We treat all patients with care, respect and compassion. The essential point is “We Specialize in You!”  Dr Tina and Dr Linda Agresti have had many patients in their care and have encountered and treated many illness and disease states. We take our time and do not rush patient’s time with the physician. We listen to understand  medical needs in order to help patients. We aim higher, and our patients  love how involve, and genuinely concerned we are for their well-being. We will do the same for you and your family once you become patients. We get dozen or more new patients referred to us every week by our current patients, why not be next.